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Are you feeling overwhelmed by your move? There is nothing to worry about. We offer invaluable resources that will help put your mind at ease. Look at our Helpful Hints and Checklist for more information. Also, reading the following FAQs.

Your McAvey Sales Representative will advise you. Note: Cosmetics, jewelry and any breakables should not be left in any drawers.

We offer local, statewide, and even international moving services. Get a GUARANTEED quote today!

Purchasing valuation is not a requirement for moving, but it is recommended. Your McAvey Sales Representative will advise you.

Although tipping is not required, it is customary and appreciated by your crew. When tipping, take into consideration the duration of your move, the number of workers, and the cost of your move; the tip is generally 10-20% of the transportation cost.

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Take advantage of our hints, checklist, and FAQs

Do I empty my dresser drawers?

Do we need insurance?

What is the standard tipping procedure?

McAvey's Helpful Hints for a Smooth Move

1. Before you start packing, it is a good idea to go through all of your goods, and give away or throw away what you don't need.


2. Packing:

Make sure you have plenty of supplies; cartons, paper, tape, etc.

Cartons should be packed tight, so there is no inside movement.

All cartons should be taped closed on the top and bottom.

No plastic bags.

Pack dishes on edge, NOT FLAT. Glasses open end face down.

Label each carton for the room it is to go into in your new home.

Long distance and storage customers should put their names on the side of all cartons.

All items must be properly packed by McAvey Movers or you the customer before loading. Any items not packed cannot be transported.



3. Refrigerators and freezers MUST BE EMPTY when moving.


4. Flammable, combustible and caustic items cannot be transported by your mover. IE: paints, oils, fire extinguishers, aerosol cans, propane tanks, bleach, etc.


5. If you move locally, you may want to take table lamps, small glass tops, wall hangings, stereos and electronics in your car, otherwise they must be packed in a carton.


6. As the movers empty each room, check to see that all rooms are completely vacant. It is your responsibility to make sure the house is empty before the movers leave.


7. It is a good idea to have a floor plan ready for your new home, so uploading will be more efficient.


8. During the winter months customers are responsible for removing snow and ice from their driveways, walkways, steps, etc. (clean path to front entrance).


9. It is very important to know the value of your belongings for valuation purposes.


McAvey Pre-Move Checklist

5 Weeks Before Move

Call moving companies and request estimates on your planned move.

Remember to include all services you may need for estimating (storage, packing, etc.).

Start to "give away/throw away" items that you don't want. If necessary, order a dumpster from your local garbage company.

Be sure you know what needs to be moved.



4 Weeks Before Move

Choose a mover -- select moving dates.

Arrange a date for mover to deliver boxes

Start packing if you are "self-packing" - remember that the master bedroom and kitchen should be packed last.

Mark each box with appropriate room locations and content; this will allow the unloading process to run smoother (and make packing easier too).



3 Weeks Before Move

Continue packing

Start to notify your Post Office/friends/family/businesses about your address change.

Make arrangements to have an electrician come to take down any lighting.

Call your insurance company to inquire about coverage for transit damage under your homeowner's policy.



2 Weeks Before Move

Continue packing.

Call your mover to confirm moving schedule

Create a floor plan of your new home so unloading will be more efficient.



1 Week Before Move

Finish packing.

Remember: Refrigerators and freezers must be emptied before moving!

Confirm closing dates with lawyers/builders, etc.

Phone mover for final confirmation of date and time.

Be prepared for your move with our moving tips